Our Approach

Building a home can appear to be a daunting task at first. It involves many decisions and you may have many questions. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Relax, don’t worry. At Edaire Construction, we want you to enjoy the experience. We’ve prepared every step for you, all under our own roof. Our unique approach means that you save money and time. It enables you to start your project sooner and shorten your completion time as well. Overall, the process is easier and more enjoyable. Contact us to learn more about our approach.

Our Process

Pre-approval from bank of your choice.

Once the budget is set, it’s time to start looking for a floor plan and elevation. We can help you in making changes to the plan so that it becomes your vision. If you do not already have your property, now is the time to start looking and secure your lot.

We consider your plans, finishes, and lot locations to give you an estimated cost. Once finances are agreed upon, we collect a plan deposit. We then send your plan to the architect to start a set bid of plans. This will allow us to get a final cost of your home.

When we have the final cost, we will meet to sign off on the plans, making them final. You will be provided a custom features list that will show what is included in the price of your home. 

Once you are ready to move forward, we will write a contract and collect a deposit (typically $5,000).

At this point, the architect will finalize your plans and complete the full construction set.

Closing on your loan and/or placing an additional deposit of 10% allows us to start sending your plans to the county for permitting and we can then begin site clearing. Your project is underway! Typically, once we break ground, your home is completed in 4-5 months, weather permitting. 

Flexible Advantages

Our unique approach to home building gives you total control. Our flexibility allows us to offer a variety of price ranges and sizes of homes, from mid-level, semi-custom homes to high-end, full custom homes. We design plans in the house but we often build homes from outside designers/architects. We also offer in-house interior design, or we are happy to work with your own interior designer. If you don’t already have your financing lined up then we offer that as well. It is home building exactly, and entirely how you want it, at a price that makes sense. You can expect honesty, transparency, and quality on every level at Edaire Construction.

Giving Back

Edaire Construction believes in giving back to the community and actively supports the efforts of social service organizations, schools, and other non-profit organizations.